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“Manas” means Mind. It is used in philosophy to define a state of Consciousness and according to Vedic Spirituality, it must be calm and satisfied before one can think about achieving enlightenment. We advocate this peace and satisfaction. Though it is mostly related to spirituality, peace comes from self-confidence and self-acceptance. MANAS-CVS is the mental health society of the College of Vocational Studies that is formed to help spread awareness about various mental illnesses and reduce the stigma surrounding them. It aims to provide a friendly and judgment-free platform for individuals to express their problems and situations and find solutions to them.

“We believe that our initiatives are catalysts that would motivate others to stand up and face the issues relating to mental health with strength and determination hence, helping us achieve our goal.”


An impact is difficult to create. But, we are here for that struggle. We aim to not just put in efforts, but also make sure that our efforts contribute to society. Manas strives to spread the message of empathy and acceptance among individuals.


We are determined to provide accurate and accessible resources that can spread awareness. We aim not only to spread awareness about the issue of mental health, but to make sure such awareness is accurate and accessible, and to build an environment today that leaves a better impact on the future.

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