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Mental health and college life

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The pandemic has made our college life confined within online meeting apps and pdfs.Though everyone might have adjusted themselves accordingly, the transition was not easy for most of us and few are still struggling to get used to it.
To address this topic and help us find a way to keep up with the changing situations, Manas organised a webinar on- "Mental health and College Life" (Pandemic edition) on 3rd April, 2021. The guest speakers were Dr. Ridhi Murari, Psychologist and Mrs. Sanya Bedi, college counsellor.
During the first half of the webinar Dr. Ridhi Murari spoke about two different ways of coping mechanisms- active and passive, and gave a brief idea on whether the way we (students) chose to cope is healthy or not. She chose many relatable scenarios to explain her points which made it easier for us to relate and understand.
Later, we interacted with Ms. Saniya Bedi. Sanya ma'am began with few personal anecdotes to create an amiable environment. We often tend to ignore and control our emotions. She told us that acknowledgement and acceptance is necessary to move forward. She also suggested some simple ways to handle anxiety and panic attacks.
Before concluding her session she gave us ideas for being more organized and told us different ways of self-care.
The webinar was wrapped up by Shagun, the Vice-President of Manas by thanking everyone including our dearest Convener Late Dr. Richa ma'am without whose support and guidance the event wouldn't have been a great success.
The webinar was very interactive and helpful due to the comfort that the esteemed guests provided us with .The combined efforts of the members of the society was clearly visible in their coordination.

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