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Most LGBT people in India remain closeted, fearing discrimination. People’s prejudices lead them to think that LGBT people are odd and very different. Acceptance still remains a constant struggle for LGBT people.
Manas organised a webinar -SPECTRUM on "Indian Society and LGBTQ+ community" on 25th June ,2021.The guest speakers
were Minni Singh ma’am and Sumit Pawar sir.The webinar began with the eloquent speech of Minni ma'am, who shared her life experience. She talked about all the experiences her students had in their past and told us to accept ourselves first.
Later, Sumit Pawar joined us .He continued the webinar by answering the questions which are considered non-relevant and are generally avoided by us due to  fear of judgement. He is a very welcoming person and as the session proceeded people felt free and didn't hesitate to ask him anything.
The reason behind the webinar being successful was the encouraging and humble  response of the speakers and the curiosity of students.

Spectrum'21: Text
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